13 APRIL 2017 (TORONTO, ON) – Minneapolis-based singer songwriter Jeremy Messersmith announces the micro-album 11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs For Ukulele: A Micro Folk Record For The 21st Century And Beyond. Recorded all in one day on a single microphone, Messersmith enlisted the help of producer Andy Thompson (Taylor Swift, Belle and Sebastian, Dan Wilson) and engineer Levi Stugelmeyer at Summer/Winter Studios in St Paul. The micro-album is out April 14 on Glassnote Records / Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.
Messersmith released the songbook last week asking to hear fan versions before his were available. The release resulted in fans from all over the world posting their versions of the positive songs! Check a few out here, here and here.
The micro folk album is a result of a two week writing frenzy in a cabin in Lanesboro, MN in the middle of the winter with the goal of stripping away all production and writing positive songs as simply and directly as possible. The recording uses no autotune and in fact you can hear Messersmith’s voice get more tired as the record goes on. He thinks that’s totally punk rock.
  1. Everybody Gets A Kitten
  2. There Is Nowhere We Won’t Go
  3. We All Do Better When We All Do Better
  4. Love Sweet Love
  5. Why
  6. Everything Is Magical
  7. Honeybee
  8. I’m A Snowflake, Baby
  9. You Belong Up There With The Stars
  10. We Can Make Our Dreams Come True
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