June 11, 2013

Elisa Brown “New World” Music Review

Album: New World

Track Listing: 
1. Invocation
2. Cullins of Rhum
3. We Are So Much More
4. Theme for Music for Life NYC
5. Namaste Fever
6. Ave Maria: Mother of the Light
7. Butterfly
8. Through the Eyes of God
9. New World
10. Wiggle Your Toes
11. Namaste Integration

All songs co-arranged by Elisa Brown and Barry Goldstein.

Photos: © 2012 Manny Akis. All Rights Reserved © 2012 Elisa Brown and Barry Goldstein. All rights reserved.

I could sum up this album in just three words "Relaxing and Fun".  From beginning to end this album was like a buffet of beautiful lyrics sung by a very eloquent voice.  The combination of music and voice leads to a very relaxing and peaceful escape.

I give this album a firm 5/5 "Roos"

- Aussie Osbourne -
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