Liz Murray was raised in poverty by drug-addicted parents. Though they loved her they were unable to care for her and Liz ended up living on the streets by the age of 15. Profoundly affected by her mother s AIDS-related death Liz forced herself to look at her future and make some significant changes. Her prospects were dismal yet she turned her life around by going back to high school. After earning her diploma in just two years while still homeless Liz won a New York Times scholarship for needy students which enabled her to attend Harvard University.

Source: Amazon

MPAA rating: Not Rated

Genre: Drama, Documentary


One of the most inspiring films I have ever watched. This true life story leaves me wondering, how much one can really do if they are determined to look past their circumstances. Simply Outstanding!

I give this film a firm 5/5

Note to Parents: This film has a rather disturbing scene near the beginning of the film which may not be suitable for younger viewers.

- Aussie Osbourne -

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