In Its 10th Season, ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ Debuts Innovation Behind the Scenes

[Culver City, CA – December 19, 2018] – Innovation Studios, Sony Entertainment & Technology, is pleased to debut its advanced technology on the iconic "Shark Tank" television show this season. "Shark Tank," the critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy® Award-winning entrepreneurial-themed reality series, is known for showcasing innovative products and ideas. Behind the scenes, the same is true. Now in its 10th season, when not enough stage capacity was available to handle current production needs, "Shark Tank" producers turned to a radically new solution provided by Innovation Studios.
Innovation Studios, a state-of-the-art facility launched earlier this year. on the Sony Pictures Studios lot, captured a virtual 3D digital model of the Exit Interview Shark Tank set using a technique called volumetric image acquisition. This was accomplished through a unique combination of capture technology to create a photo-realistic environment. In June, Innovation Studios scanned the "Shark Tank" set, creating a 3D digital model (the Virtual Set). In September, this Virtual Set was then used as a background when "Shark Tank" filmed exit interviews with approximately 100 contestants, and Innovation Studios was able to composite them in real time. Scenes with this technology aired for the first time in December and will continue to air throughout the season.
"The technology is truly seamless," said Alex Halatchev, Shark Tank Production Manager. "When we were watching interviews on monitors remotely, a producer asked to move a plant next to the couch, but it wasn’t really there because it was the virtual set." This revelation about how real the virtual set appeared was music to the ears of Glenn Gainor, head of physical production for Screen Gems and president of Innovation Studios. "By harnessing technology throughout Sony’s many businesses and applying it to productions, this is a shining example of how we are giving content creators essential tools to tell real-world stories and solve real-world problems such as limited sound stage availability."
"The show continues to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs, and Innovation Studios is inspired to continue serving as a hub where technology meets story for real productions with practical tools," added Gainor."
Dell, Deloitte Digital and Intel Corporation are collaborating with Sony Pictures Entertainment and will play an integral role in helping to expand the applications of Innovation Studios beyond entertainment to other verticals including medical, retail and education
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