18 AUGUST 2017 (Toronto, ON) – Today, Bastille have released a cover Green Day’s iconic track, “Basket Case” which is to be used as the title music for Amazon Prime’s brand-new Television show The Tick. The track follow’s the band’s highly acclaimed, number 1 selling album Wild World. Listen to the cover of “Basket Case” HERE.
Lead singer, Dan Smith and the band have given epic 90s anthem “Basket Case” a Bastille overhaul, mining a rocketing orchestral seam in a song that’s neurotic to the bone! Give it a spin here
Smith explains, “We’re massive Green Day fans and so tried to make a version of “Basket Case” that was totally different to the original whilst still honouring what an awesome tune it is. We had a lot of fun reinterpreting it with loads of strings and brass, inspired by countless film scores and “Eleanor Rigby”. To be able to work on something that combines superheroes, orchestras and Green Day was an absolute pleasure.”
The Tick sees UK actor and comedian Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun Of The Dead, Guardians Of The Galaxy) starring as the titular superhero alongside Griffin Newman as his sidekick Arthur Everest. The show also stars Jackie Earle Haley as villain The Terror, Valorie Curry as Arthur’s sister Dot, Scott Speiser as “hyper-violent” vigilante Overkill and Yara Martinez as Miss Lint. The show first airs on August 25. 
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