July 18 2016


The 3CD Deluxe Edition compiles all 45 of his hit singles for the first time

‘Not Dead Yet: The Memoir’ is released on October 25th

Phil Collins’ recent ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ retrospective campaign was a huge success which inspired a critical re-evaluation of his back catalogue as several of his albums returned to the charts. Now he turns his attention to the biggest tracks throughout his career with the release of ‘The Singles’ collection on October 14th.

‘The Singles’ charts Collins’ entire solo career from his smash hit 1981 debut ‘In The Air Tonight’ to the title track from his most recent studio album, 2010’s ‘Going Back’. It encompasses numbers ones (‘You Can’t Hurry Love’, ‘Easy Lover’ with Philip Bailey, and ‘A Groovy Kind of Love’) plus a further nine Top 10 hits (‘In The Air Tonight’; ‘Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)’; ‘One More Night’; ‘Separate Lives’; ‘Two Hearts’; ‘Another Day In Paradise’; ‘I Wish It Would Rain Down’; ‘Both Sides of the Story’; and ‘Dance Into The Light’).

It also includes numerous other highlights from his story so far, such as his first Grammy-nominated single ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’; ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ which won an Oscar for Best Original Song after featuring in the Disney film ‘Tarzan’; and numerous songs which became staples of his live shows including ‘Sussudio’, ‘Don’t Lose My Number’ and ‘Something Happened On The Way To Heaven’.

As with the ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ campaign, the album mastering process has been overseen by Nick Davis who earned a Grammy nomination for Best Surround Sound album for his work on the Genesis ‘1970-1975’ box set. Davis has also worked on all of the Genesis retrospective reissues.

‘The Singles’ will be available on three formats. The 3CD deluxe edition compiles his 45 hit singles from all over the world in chronological order for the first time, while the 2CD/4LP box set compiles the 33 key tracks from his career. Both editions will also be available digitally.

‘The Singles’ coincides with the release of Phil Collins’ long-awaited autobiography ‘Not Dead Yet: The Autobiography’. Set to be published by Penguin Random House on October 25th and currently available to pre-order via Amazon.ca, this is the rollercoaster journey from his beginnings as a child actor to his domination of the charts both as a solo artist and part of Genesis.

Tracklisting for the 3CD, chronologically sequenced edition

1.         In The Air Tonight
2.         I Missed Again
3.         If Leaving Me Is Easy
4.         Thru These Walls
5.         You Can’t Hurry Love
6.         I Don’t Care Anymore              
7.         Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
8.         Why Can’t It Wait ’Til Morning
9.         I Cannot Believe It’s True        
10.        Against All Odds
11.        Easy Lover
12.        Sussudio
13.        One More Night
14.        Don't Lose My Number
15.        Take Me Home

1.         Separate Lives
2.         A Groovy Kind Of Love
3.         Two Hearts
4.         Another Day In Paradise
5.         I Wish It Would Rain Down
6.         Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
7.         That’s Just The Way It Is
8.         Hang In Long Enough
9.         Do You Remember?
10.        Who Said I Would       
11.        Both Sides Of The Story
12.        Everyday
13.        We Wait And We Wonder
14.        Dance Into The Light
15.        It’s In Your Eyes

1.         No Matter Who
2.         Wear My Hat
3.         The Same Moon                                              
4.         True Colors
5.         You’ll Be In My Heart
6.         Strangers Like Me
7.         Son Of Man                 
8.         Two Worlds                             
9.         Can’t Stop Loving You
10.        The Least You Can Do
11.        Wake Up Call
12.        Look Through My Eyes
13.        No Way Out                             
14.        (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
15.        Going Back

Tracklisting for the 2CD/4LP box set:

Easy Lover
Two Hearts
I Missed Again
Wear My Hat

Vinyl split

Don't Lose My Number
You Can't Hurry Love
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
We Wait And We Wonder

Vinyl split

Can't Stop Loving You
Dance Into The Light
It's In Your Eyes
Hang In Long Enough

Vinyl split

Thru These Walls
I Wish It Would Rain Down
Both Sides Of The Story
(Love Is Like A) Heatwave

Vinyl/CD split

Going Back
In The Air Tonight
Against All Odds
If Leaving Me Is Easy

Vinyl split

One More Night
Separate Lives
A Groovy Kind Of Love
That's Just The Way It Is

Vinyl split

Do You Remember?
True Colors
You'll Be In My Heart

Vinyl split

The Least You Can Do
Look Through My Eyes
Another Day In Paradise
Take Me Home

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